I was just reminded that today February 15, is the 26th anniversary of our graduation from LASU.

That day was historic on so many levels, but I am going to stick with 26

1. It was LASU’s first graduation ceremony.
2. The first two sets were joined together because the original inaugural graduation a year earlie was aborted, , due to a power tussle between the then Commissioner for education, one Badagry chap whose name I forgot, and the VC.

3. That cancellation led to the abortion of the first inaugural graduation play: Wole Soyinka’s Trials Of Brother Jero, directed by Prof Dapo Odubela, starring Antar Laniyan as Jero and Gani Kayode Balogun Jr as brother Chume.

4 It was to be the second Soyinka play to be staged at LASU, as we had earlier staged Childe International for the special convocation. It was directed by late Dr. Johnson and Gani Kayode Balogun Jr as the lead actor.

5. It was a day of two graduation gowns, as the real LASU gown came in only a few minutes before procession.

6. We were the first set to wear the gown, as they were given to us still in the lylon wrappers.

7.Colonel Raji Rasaki , an Ibadan man, was the visitor, while Professor Akande, an Ibadan woman, was the Ag. VC.

8. February 15 was (is) LASU founders Day

9. The colour of the sash differ from Faculty to Faculty.

10. The graduation took place just a few months after LASU was reopened after being locked for six months due to SAP riots.

11. Some of our mates who travelled out due to the strike never came back, as they preferred to start again overseas
12. The LASU law students from this graduation started the LASU domination of Bar Exams at the Law School.

13. The LASU contingent from this graduation dominated the NUGA games the previous year.

14. The first work and study template was started for this set.

15. The Professor Afolabi:s dream to retain first class and second class upper
students to PhD level at the best Universities in the world was jettisoned after he left.
16. This set is well represented in the media, politics, The armed forces , para military and the security services.

17.As a fulfilment of its founding fathers, LASU graduates form the bulk of senior Civil Servants in the state.

18. LASU’s MBA is one of the best in the country.

19. The graduation took place four years to the day after our matriculation.

20. The products of this set continue to excel everywhere they go.

21. The closure due to the SAP riots was the first time universities would be closed for that length of time.

22. LASUTH , the teaching hospital arm of the university is one of the best in the country

23. LASU has produced Commissioners, Special Advisers, Local government chairmen, and award winning journalists and writers from this

24. This graduating set continues to set the pace in term of cooperation with the school authorities

25. LASU also produced some of the major talents in the entertainment industry

26. Because GKB is a Lasuite!!!

My Ten Kobo.

Gani Kayode Balogun Jr's photo.
Gani Kayode Balogun Jr's photo.
Gani Kayode Balogun Jr's photo.

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