EU Parliament buildings evacuated after bomb scare


Several European Parliament buildings in Brussels were evacuated on Monday after a suspicious vehicle was found parked nearby, several weeks after Belgian authorities foiled a terrorist plot.

The Parliamentarian, spokeswoman Marjory van den Broeke told newsmen.

She said that the country has been on high alert since mid-January, when police carried out a series of raids, acting on information that a terrorist cell was on the verge of launching an attack.

Marjory said two suspects were killed in one raid, in eastern Belgium.

“The buildings evacuated on Monday include administrative offices and the legislature’s visitor centre.

“The main building was unaffected.

“On first inspection, the car in question appeared not to contain explosives,’’ she noted.

However, police and military explosives experts were on site.

Report says a suspicious vehicle was spotted near the U.S. embassy in Brussels.

It added that the car was later found to have no dangerous items, and the alarm was lifted half an hour later.


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