My Ten Kobo

Today, I celebrate my personal person, brother, and a fellow abula ( amala+ewedu+gbegiri) afficionado, Habib Aruna, on his birthday.

Owo oko Felicia,
Ekun omo Adamson,
Egbe baba Nurudeen,
For life baba Zainab,
Baba Rahaman, baba Raheem.
The Edo sired, Ibadan born and bred pensman and image maker.
To talk about my friend without contravening the Official Secrets Act would be daunting.

Is it his abiding sense of loyalty to his boss, his family, his friends or his God?

Or will it be his love of abula, which we share, a delicacy so beloved that for years we dedicated one day a week in combing the best amala joints in the city?

Or that whether in US or UK, Mainland Europe or Dubai, Egbe’s journey is never complete without a taste of the food of the gods?

Maybe it is that since I have known him, he has remained consistently forthright, unashamedly undiplomatic, unapologetically in-your-face, and interestingly devoted.

Happy birthday, my friend and brother,
Many happy returns of the day.
Igba odun, odun kan.

My Ten Kobo.

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