My Ten Kobo
I am the best, at being me.
I am unique, but that is just me.
I like others, for who they are.
But they are not me, as it were.

Some are wealthier, as one can see.
Some are more powerful, on land or sea.
Many are older, most are younger.
Some are flying, others have floundered.

But no matter the plus and the minus.
Not one comes close to being a genius,
That can beat me, at being me.
Even on a bad day, I am still a better me.

So why the bile, of unnecessary comparison?
Instead of acepting the situation ,
That you are you, and that I am me?
That even as twins, we are different beings?

Stop the self hate, embrace your fate.
And work hard, because with luck and faith,
You can become a better you,
Than a caricature of those that irritate you.

Why all these tirade, you may say,
Depression is real, I dare say.
Suicide is an acceptance of failure
That your self image locus is anchored on external features.

Your looks are due to your genes,
Your physicality to lifestyle choices.
Your worldview is due to your environment.
But your self esteem is due to your temperament.

So stop the whinning, live your life!
No one is leaving this world alive!
That person you envy has other issues.
That if told, you will reach for the tissues.

If you live to be hundred,at the most,
You have lived for only 1200 months.
5200 weeks, 36750 days, all told.
So why waste it on watching others live theirs?

You are the best, at being you
Even if there are areas others considered weak,
No one can correct them, but you.
Even if it takes years, or mere weeks.

Depression is real, I admit,
But suicide is not the answer nor the key.
Today is dark and hopeless, that may be so.
But tomorrow may be a better day; all told.

Life is not easy, but it has its moments,
When you have clarity, and not torment.
Think of the good times, when things are bad,
And never allow the low days define your life.

Depression is real, I admit.
But suicide is not the solution,
Nor the key.




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