My Ten Kobo

12081292_101015306929257_1763998343_n(1)I would like to thank all of you, my friends, on behalf of the four branches of my family tree, for your attendance, support and prayers, which account for the tremendous success of the wedding of our daughter, Ganiat Ololade Balogun, now Mrs. Balogun-Oloko, on Thursday, October 29,2015.
To start mentioning names of those who stood by us before, during and after the event would take all day, but I just want to say thank you to all of you; those who were physically present, those who sent representatives, those who were unavoidably absent, and those who prayed for what turned out to be a very fulfilling and life affirming ceremony.
My profound thanks goes to the Management and Staff of the Glass House Hotels, for going above and beyond the call of duty, The Missioner of NASFAT, Sheikh Gbade Akinbode, who performed the Nikai rites, Sheikh Abdulahi Sulaiman, The Chief Imama of FESTAC, Sheikh LUqman Ojubanire, The Chief Imam of Alakuko CM, and other numerous Islamic clerics to numerous to mention.
I also appreciate the symbolic representation of the Ibadan Royalty, that of my Cousin, The Onitede of Tede, Oba Raufu Ishola, the Olu of Odeda,Oba Taofik Owolabi, the Baale of Aiyetoro, Ibadan, Baale Jimoh and other royal heads too numerous to mention.
I also extend my sincere appreciation to my friends in politics, in government, in business, my old boy network and most profoundly my friends in the Media, for there unalloyed support and encouragement.
Finally, I thank my families; The Balogun Clan of Amunigun and the entire Amunigun homestead, including the Chief Imam of the Amunigun mosque, Sheikh Abdulah, who honored me in return for what he said my great grandfather did for his great grandfather, by taking him along to a the Quranic school, an act that has led to four generations of Islamic scholars and a Madrassah that is world famous.
The Oketola family, who came in large numbers, ably led by Pa Isiah Oketola, a former Permanent Secretary, pioneer Atisbo LG chairman and former Commissioner in Oyo State.
The Extended Balogun Adakeja clan, The Ladigbolu Royal family of Oyo, The Balogun Ogunmola clan and my numerous cousins and their families all over the world.
words are not enough to express what I felt, but be rest assured that Eledua would repay all of you in kind.
I know that sometimes, when things are extremely tough, we tend to harp on the negatives, but you all have shown me that wealth is not the number of houses you built, nor the size of your bank account, but by the quality of friends you have.
I am truly humbled by your generosity and your friendship, and I thank all of you most profusely, from the bottom of my heart.
My Ten Kobo.

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