As I switched on my phone after landing at MMA, I realized that I have had about a dozen calls, mostly from guys in my hood at Oshodi.
Once I cleared the terminal I put a call to my mother, a reflex action whenever I get multiple calls from Oshodi, where she lives.
After the normal pleasantries she went straight to the point.
” Your friend was here”
“Which one?” I asked, while mentally scanning a list in my head.
“Your friend the governor, he was in Oshodi a few hours ago, and some of your friends were here, asking if you are coming for the stakeholders meeting”
“Mama, the governor is not my friend, he is Suspect’s( the late Prince Kunle Adewale)’s friend.”
“Anyway, your friend the governor was in Oshodi, they said he wanted to turn Oshodi to London”
Since I was out of town just for a while, I quickly put calls through to those who should know, then I remembered it was a Wednesday. Exco meeting day.
After a while, I finally got through to a major player in Oshodi politics, who was amused at my ignorance.

“GKB,” he said ” stop pretending, the man is following your template”

You see, a couple of months ago, after the demolition of the Owonifari market, I delivered a speech at a symposium organised by a group called Oshodi Collective, at which I shared my thoughts on the maximization of the Oshodi renewal project, started under Fashola, as a central transport hub that incorporates the road, rail and the airport, all within a five kilometer radius.
I posited that the governor was strategically positioned to actualize this based on his personal interest in the Oshodi renewal project, with the reconstruction of Brown Street, the resurfacing of Igbehinadun and the continuation of the oshodi road expansion, the next big thing is a hub.
So, when the governor laid out the plan, a lot of those present just assumed I was a part of it.

I was not.

Just as I was not a party to the Abule Egba flyover project, at which people at the CDA meeting fondly refer to as the GKB bridge, based on my constant and consistent cry for it for the last couple of years.

So, those who are close to the governor, should please thank him for always second guessing me, first in my resident LG as well as in my hood, but he should stop poking into my brain! Haba! Kilode!

Because at the rate he is going, My brain must have maxed out before he finishes his tenure in 2023.
Itesiwaju Oshodi ni Ilosiwaju Eko……

My Ten Kobo.


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