Iyadunni Alamala is the most popular amala joint in the Challenge area of Ibadan.
So popular was the amala that Lagos bound travellers would rather miss their bus than to miss her amala.
A few years ago, she moved down the same street, where she acquired a one storey building and converted the ground floor to a more spacious modern restaurant.
She even installed a neon sign to guide the customer.
Coupled with uniformed security guards and a standby generator. She has moved her amala business to a new level, while retaining the common touch and a reasonable price range.
This goes to show that Nigeria is still a place for honest business men and women to thrive, and the parameter for evaluating success is strictly personal. She did not need to import substandard goods, fake products, armed and pen robbery, or do cocaine runs through Asia or wherever to create her own spot in the sun.
My Ten Kobo.

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