I read a post entitled “THE JIBITI DRAMA AT UBA, ABULE EGBA THIS MORNING…” on the wall of my friend and colleague, Gbenga Dan Asabe on April 5.
In the said post, The writer painted a very bad picture of the situation inside the banking hall of UBA Abule-Egba during his visit to the bank one day (April 5, 2016).
He alleged that “one of the security men (Technocrime Security) was already doing a brisk business at the detriment of many depositors who were waiting on two queue lines, up to the door to transact business. This fair complexioned guy was taking deposit tellers with little gratification from some ‘unseen customers’ at the entrance of the bank to go pay at the teller stand.”
He stated that the confusion which followed the action of the security man drew the ire of other depositors who have been standing for hours in a mad heat.
“His anger drew the ire of other depositors who have been standing for hours in the mad heat……
The noise attracted the attention of the branch manager one Mrs. ABIMBOLA OGUNRIN, she called the guy, said something to him but never scolded him as the guy continued to hover around the banking hall doing many other funny activities. He even attempted talking down the man who blew the whistle of his corrupt activities but for other angry customers who reacted…… Some one somewhere should ask Mrs. Ogunrin. I know Mrs. Ogunrin right from when she was a counter/teller staff at UBA Oba Akran near Forte Oil by Obasa close. That was around 2004 and 2005 and i don’t want to give a detail of her work attitude at the time. Someone should ask her why are her staff not putting on their name badge?
I know she has enjoyed promotion to head UBA Abule Egba, but i will advice that she is posted out of that Abule Egba branch or given a new re-orientation on how to handle staff/customer relationship in a branch. If your staff err, discipline them. Don’t pamper them. Yes, you might be too fat or plumpy to swiftly take actions but please, let it be seen that you took action immediately.
I remember your little antecedent as a teller lady at UBA Oba Akran near Obasa close, Ikeja, i think you should have over grown olden days exuberance as a Branch Manager.…” Gbenga stated
The writer went further to make scathing remarks about Mrs abimbola Ogunrin and called for her removal from the Abule-Egba branch of UBA.

My take..
As one of the customers of the Abule-Egba branch of UBA, I totally condemn the action of the security men and the Tellers who were accepting deposits through the back door. It is absolutely wrong to subject customers who stood on a queue for hours to such a terrible experience.
In Gbenga’s post, he admitted that the attendant chaos attracted the attention of Mrs Ogunrin who promptly intervened but did not scold those involved in this act. He however admitted that Mrs Ogunrin spoke with the offending security man.
Personally, I do not expect that Mrs Ogunrin would openly scold those involved in this act. It is enough that when the noise in the banking hall attracted her attention, she intervened and some normalcy prevailed immediately.
You may call for a punitive action against Mrs Ogunrin if she did not take any action to check the situation inside the banking hall on the day in question.
As a customer who frequents the Abule-Egba branch of UBA for my transactions, the crowd at that branch has become a daily pattern due to the fact that in the Abule Egba area to Oju ore in Sango Otta, it is the Abule-Egba branch of UBA that serves the residents of abule-Egba and its environs apart from another small UBA branch on new oko-oba road.
As a result, the crowd that daily besiege the branch overwhelms the staff and this often leads to chaos as all customers becomes impatient and desperate to transact their businesses by all means to get out of the melee that usually follows the overcrowding of branch. The management of the UBA group call resolve this chaotic situation by opening more branches to cater for its teeming customers within this axis.
The call for the redeployment of Mrs Ogunrin was definitely an overreaction from my friend, Gbenga. I know Mrs Ogunrin as a dedicated and efficient staff of UBA. She tries to put in her best to ensure that there is order and prompt service at Abule –Egba on daily basis.
Like Gbenga, I have known Mrs Ogunrin since her days at the Oba Akran branch of UBA. I am sure that the management of UBA must have found her to be a reliable, competent and diligent staff before she was promoted a Manager in the Abule-Egba branch.
While I apologise to my friend for whatever inconveniences he experienced on the day in question, I want to submit that Mrs Ogunrin can never be involved in any jibiti dramaat UBA, Abule Egba branch.


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